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Hi: Welcome to Revival USA; designed for “We the People,” to understand our nation’s problems; then, with the help of God and our church, it is hoped that we can work together to fix ourselves and then fix our countries problems.

What Problems? First we will show evidence of our growing debt – as compared to our beginning attitude toward debt. Look at our current debt as a simile to a temperature gauge in our cars: we are entering the desert, its hot and the gauge is over temperature and climbing. We are in danger.

Our study will show that we are violating our US Constitution. And it is worse than it seems because the Supreme Court has found the violations are constitutional; the challenge is great.  

We will find that one of our problems was at our beginning; several more violations came about during the “Civil War” and its aftermath; but we ignored the problems since our economy was so good for the years from 1870 to 1913. Since 1913, however, we have commenced on our present downhill slide.

We hope to discuss what happened in some amount of detail. There are navigation aids that will help those that want to study them first hand.

I believe that we the people, within current laws; and with God’s help can restore our country.


We were great at wealth creation, LIBERTY prevailed and we had an economy that was based on Christian principles and we believed in repaying our debt. We paid almost all of the national debt in our first 46 years.

Our post Revolutionary War debt was just over $75 million; by 1835 we paid the debt down to its all-time lowest amount, $33,733. (It is possible that the debt was actually paid down to zero and that the reporting period used ended after new debt was accrued.)

During this 46 year period:

  • The government balanced its budgets in 32 of those 45 years.
  • $16 million per year was the average federal spending from 1792 to 1835. That federal spending was $1.89 per person per year.
  • $19.6 million per year were the average federal receipts of revenue; derived from tariffs or borrowing; (Let’s call that a 2.8% tax of $2.40 each; paid by the average person). There were additional state and local taxes; we will ignore those burdens as we are focusing on the burden of the federal government; only.
  • The byword of the time was, “manifest destiny.” (The people felt good about themselves and their circumstances and they probably thought that by sharing, we can spread our freedoms and prosperity throughout the continent.)


  • During our most recent 46 years our debt has grown from $347 billion in 1968 to $17.2 trillion in 2013; and the debt growth continues. In addition to the borrowing, the government (via the government created Federal Reserve System was (and still is) creating out of nothing over $2 billion per day since January 1, 2013. Over and above that, congress has spent the money in the trust funds they created for Social Security and the Medicare; thus, creating an unfunded liability of about $128 trillion.
  • $458,591 is each US citizen’s individual share of that debt. Can you pay your share?
  • NO balanced budgets in the last 46 years (there were NO balanced budgets during the Clinton Presidency),
  • $1.435 trillion per year was the average federal spending. That spending was $5,604 per person per year: THAT IS 2965 times the per person amount for the early period. Let’s call it a tax, the tax rate is 22%. Again, this tax is over and above any state and local taxes demanded by those levels of our government.

Please note the Biblical promise to Israel regarding borrowing:

Deuteronomy 28:12 The LORD shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow. 

Instead of a wealth creation country we have become a tax, create money out of nothing, borrow and deficit spend country. We have placed a huge financial noose around our necks and the necks of our children and our grand children.


The New England clergy routinely gave election messages AND taught the essential doctrines of political philosophy, thus making familiar to every church-going New Englander long before 1763 not only the doctrines of natural right, the social contract, and the right (duty) of resistance but also the fundamental principle of American constitutional law. One such law: that government, like its citizens, is bounded by law and when it (the government) transcends its authority it acts illegally.

The above information about the New England Clergy and our early history was brought to us by Alice M. Baldwin, as part of her doctoral thesis on the topic of “The New England Clergy and The American Revolution,” she was awarded her PhD from the University of Chicago in 1926. Her career included a position as Instructor of History, and later head of the Department of History, at the Baldwin School in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

Baldwin’s book had a copyright by Duke University Press, 1928. That book is now in the public domain. The complete work is available on line. This link is best if it is intended to copy, paste or search for study purposes. For reading ease, this link may be more convenient.

Our goal is to recognize our deviations from God’s standards and then hope to find a way to correct those deviations. I believe that our guiding principles are in our founding documents; primarily our US Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and The Holy Bible.

Pastors, when they speak on some subjects, contrary to the freedoms of our earlier churches; they must be careful to comply with appropriate laws. The IRS in their Publication 1828 states that ”Congress has enacted special tax laws applicable to churches.” The Clergy and or other church leaders must be careful to remain within the law when and if they speak out.

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