Nevada’s Congressional District 1; includes parts of cities of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas

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Our huge debt and huge deficit have brought us to the brink of failure; and many Americans are out of work.


Three things we can do to get the America back into business

1.     vastly increase the number of jobs available; using the God given “Stimulus”

2.     reduce the excessive cost of living

3.     quit preemptive wars and quit policing the world; follow US Constitution, congress must declare war


The above are the three pillars to restore the success that this nation once had.


All of the above three pillars can be achieved by restoring compliance with the US Constitution.


We have s serious problem:

Per, Niall Ferguson, a professor of History at Harvard University says in “Decision Time,” America must turn from its “path to hell” and rediscover the virtues that made it great. Ferguson argues that time is short for the U.S.

Ferguson says that this November American voters will face a stark choice.

They can opt to re-elect a president who is committed to increasing the role of the government — European-style, with higher taxes and stagnating economic growth — or, he believes, they can follow a path consistent with our historic values of liberty, innovation, and free enterprise, a country he calls “Battle Hymn America.”

As We Speak:

·        People are beginning to store food, fearing the dreaded hyperinflation. Some economists say that it could happen at any time.

·        Our credit rating has been downgraded and economists predict Weimar Republic (Germany, 1923)  type hyperinflation is unavoidable,

·        Our deficit is such that if we were taxed at 100% of our income we would still have a deficit; our deficit is not sustainable,

·        We are in a depression; many people cannot find work,

·        While many in the private sector are struggling many of our government workers – who are paid at a rate that is double the private sector, are relatively comfortable.

·        None of our government programs work well enough; we must phase all of them out.


The Stakes are HIGH:

Either we RESTORE America NOW ; or we

Continue the downhill slide toward “One World Government.”


As stated by G. Edward Griffin,

“The greatest tragedy of our modern age is the decline of freedom throughout the world leading to the establishment of a modern, high-tech feudalism. Totalitarianism is in your future; and, to an alarming degree, it is already in your present.”

See above immediately under the heading, “the issues.”

March 10, 2012 event

Herb, and other federal candidates were given a one minute speech at Nevada’s Clark County Republican Convention.